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Pearl Expert - Busking Issues!


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Hi All


I've been having some issues busking shows on the Pearl Expert 2010 (white faceplate); and I need a bit of help to solve a small, but incredibly annoying problem.


Background bits:


1. I'm a sound engineer to trade, but I'm pretty comfortable busking pre-patched Pearl's for rock/club gigs.


2. The desk is running in Classic, not Titan. (the desk itself is updated to Titanv3.1)


3. The desk is in Takeover mode.



The problem is when I'm programming playbacks (ususally movement chases), I randomly lose the ability to use the pallettes for colours/gobos/strobing?!


There doesn't appear to be any pattern to this, I can programme half a dozen playbacks and everything is fine, then I'll decide to do another one and then the pallettes no longer work until after a hard reset of the desk.

This has been happening ever since we got the desk back in May.


Anyone got any ideas what I'm doing wrong? (I'm guessing it's a "me" problem, rather than an "it" one!)

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Hard to think of a reason. Not something I've ever encountered.


To confirm:


-This occurs after pressing clear?

-This occurs even with no playback masters raised (ie. no chases running)?

-Occurs when no fixtures are selected (with Quick Palette setting enabled) and via fixture selection?


Personally I would recommend moving to Titan ASAP.

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Yes, this occurs after pressing clear; with playbacks raised and lowered, even after locating all the fixtures again.

Not sure about Quick Palette settings (?), I generally just select the fixtures when I want to change colour/gobo/strobe/prism/rotation (which I always have as palettes).


I do plan to move to Titan, but will have to wait until January when I can get time to patch the whole rig into the desk - being a noise boy (but the only person in the venue familiar with a Pearl or non-theatre work!) that's a good full day for me sitting with the manual!!

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Is it possible you have the attribute mask set to a different bank after programming? I forgot that Classic masks palette recalls according to focus mask. So if you select Pan/Tilt attribute for recording your positional chase and then try to recall a colour palette it won't work. You would either need to select a colour attribute or dimmer (include all). Restarting would reset to dimmer.
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This may be exactly what's happening; I wouldn't want to store anything in the playback except pan/tilt info for busking and I don't use playbacks for colours so I think we may have found the culprit.


Is this only an issue in Classic, or does the same apply to Titan?



E2A: Would I also be right in thinking that selecting "open" for the colour in the movement playbacks could be over-ridden by the colour palettes?

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This only applies to Classic. Titan was designed to not do this because it was very easy to make the mistake. With both software versions I recommend getting into the habit of always returning to the dimmer attribute after making edits.


Palettes recalled via fixture selection will always take priority until cleared since they go into the programmer. Quick Palettes and values no longer in the programmer will remain until the next change (inc. playback) using LTP rules.

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