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showtec Multi Profile Spot 26° spares


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Hi to all,


Do any of you know where I can get spairs for showtec Multi Profile Spot 26°. Its the reflector glass I am looking for. I have found out its the same as the eurolite FS-600/26° Spot GKV-600. I need it to fix replace the reflector glass as I droped the light and have chiped the glass where the bulb goes thought the hole in the centre and there is a small crack in it as well that goes in U shape at the same place the chip is in the reflector.


I need to get the spair as soon as posable


Thank you all in advance

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I assume you're in the uk, there's no location in your profile.


Showtec stuff is handled by Highlite, in the uk it's tel. 01249 819494


Eurolite is handled by Steinigke Showtechnic in Germany, tel. 0049-9314 061 600




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