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775 wPC enough


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I have a JBL srx 718 and 715 system each cab is rated 800 watts @ 8 ohms, I have a Peavey GPS 3400 that put 775 wpc @ 8 ohms is this enough. Trying to put a one amp / and x over set up together. I have bigger amps but these are in a large rack that I dont really want to keep changeing. 4 piece band. Rock and pop pub gigs with this amp.


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Opps had a brain fart, with two cabs per side it will be 600 watts per cab @ 4 ohms. Not sounding enough power to me now.

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Thanx. I never clip my amps, just not sure it will be enough umph.


The 718 sub has a sensitivity of 95dB, and will give a theoretical 124dB with a 800W amp, 127dB with a 1600W amp, and is given a 130dB peak rating by JBL. The 715 is only 1dB more sensitive.

Although increasing your amplifier power will make some difference, to achieve the maximum would take an amp that can deliver 3200W into 8Ohms per cabinet.

You would achieve greater performance through biamping (there are dedicated Driverack settings available), but ultimately if you do not have enough umph, you need a more sensitive box.


I like the SRX boxes (and have a number myself) but they are not quite "balls to the wall rock'n'roll" devices... ;-)

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