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Martin Magnum 650 Smoke Machine Re-Wire For DMX On / Off


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Hi chaps, digging up an old thread here as would also like to do this to our Martin Magnum 650.


I have had a look at the Milford Instruments page and have been looking at the single channel DMX Switch - Linky.


I was looking at making a box with switch, 12V transformer, neon light (Linky) and DMX sockets on. We hire this unit out occasionally so would like to retain the orginal remote, was looking at using IEC C19/C20 (Linky) connectors so as to make it difficult plug the wrong thing in.


My question is how would the wiring go to wire IN and OUT DMX sockets to the switch, I believe pins 2 and 3 from both male and female would connect to the appropriate screw terminals, Is this correct? Or would it be easier to use the 2 channel switch, as this has DMX sockets mounted on the board already? I only favoured the single channel as mounting the switch in the box would be less critical and I can use Neutrik panel mount connectors.


Could anyone suggest a small 240V - 12V 500mA transformer I could mount inside the box? I would then fit a standard IEC panel mount connector on the box. Would it be wise to fuse this connector?


I have a IP66 plastic box here at the day job that would fit the bill perfectly. I was going to add the neon light to the outside of the box, in the hope that I can place the box somewhere I might be able to see it from the desk. If I leave it out then does it matter if I activate the switch when its heating, as there would be no way to tell if ready or not?


BTW I am competent with electrics, as the day job is mainly electrics, albeit electro hydraulic systems! We have an electrician we use who will PAT test for me.


Thanks in advance!





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