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Solid State player suggestions please


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I'd never given that a thought to be honest, maybe not such a good plan after all then! :)


Just out of interest, I have a friend who recently had a 'recording studio experience' day bought for them.

You know, like the red letter day things.


They had recorded her with a karaoke backing track onto a CD.


How would one enquire about buying rights to backing tracks?

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Thank you for the replies.


With regard to John Denim, buying the right to copy or use recorded tracks you need to talk to the MCPS Mechanical Copyright Protection Sociey and/or the PRS Performing Right Society.


"So if someone records their loved one on a mobile phone, they are breaking the law?" Maybe but the the quality would probably be so bad that no one would care."


Sadly the plethora of ways and formats that sound can be recorder or copied in means that there is a great risk of some seriously poor quality sound being used.

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