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Avolites fixture file help... anyone know a matching fixture?


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Hi Guys & Girls,


I sometimes do some work with a company that have 4 250w Moving Heads which are made by a company called 'Star' - a budget chinese company; they're alright lights but being cheap chinese manufacture you can probably imagine they aren't the best things ever!


Now, I usually use my Pearl 2000 so made my own fixture file for them which has worked fine in the past.. however now I'm using either my own Titan Mobile or Tiger Touch which means the fixture files need to be in .d4... so, I know I can ask avolites to make me a file up for the .d4 but it can take quite a while to get it made...


So, does anyone know either of software that allows you to make the files or does anyone know another fixture that avolites already have a file for that is the same or would work with the following channel allocations:


1: Shutter

2: Dimmer

3: Lamp

4: Colour

5: Speed1

6: Gobo 1

7: Gobo Rotate

8: Speed 2

9: Focus

10: Prism

11: Prism Rotate

12: Pan

13: Tilt


Any ideas?


Thanks in advance,


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The problem you have is, even if you find one that matches, it will almost certainly have specific ranges defined for things like shutter, colour and gobo. None of these are likely to be correct and so, unless there is a raw range defined it just won't be suitable for your fixture. Further, unless you have a fixture manual/DMX chart detailing these things and a model/manufacturer then it's not going to be very useful in the Avo library.


So, it's DIY time.


Use Personality Builder. Start from scratch.

-Enter manufacturer and model information (used for filename etc.)

-Create one of each attribute from the attribute templates (select attributes on the left, double-click attribute on the right to add). These will automatically setup the correct attribute group and standard wheel allocations.

-Create a function within each attribute from the function templates. Choose 8bit dimmer, pan and tilt. For the other attributes one of the simplest options is raw which will give you 0-255 values. Alternatively you could use a percentage range.

-Create a mode - ie. 13 DMX, 8bit. Double-click each of the created attributes to add to the mode. If you add them in the channel allocation order then the mapping should be done automatically (ie. add shutter first, then dimmer etc.).

-Check a few things by clicking on the tabs at the bottom right - ie. locate/power-on values, DMX channel allocation, wheel assignment. Adjust if necessary.

-Save and try it out.


If you get stuck check the prompts at the bottom for any fields you click on.

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