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Pulsar masterpiece replay unit 108


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Got a masterpiece that keeps losing its memory and it's starting to get more frequent. Believe this may be due to the battery and being relatively old. Does any one know how to change this or could point me in the right direction?


It currently has a VARTA Ni-MH 2.4V 120mAh battery soldered to the circuit board





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I assume you've got a memory card with your programmed show on it so you don't need to worry about any continuity? You most definitely do not want the unit on or even plugged in as you change the battery as you'll have the top cover removed and don't want to frazzle yourself.


From what I remember desoldering and resoldering the battery is fairly easy but what is a bit of a pain is getting access to the underside of the PCB. Do-able but fiddly.


Last time we got the batteries from Rapid Electronics, product code then was 18-1562 but no idea if that's still correct.

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Back up to card, turn off console, unplug, disassemble, desolder old battery, resolder new-- I'd advise using an alligator clamp (small one) on the battery leads to act as a heat sink as they are rather heat sensitive, reassemble, done.


Also, the larger concern with working on a console live is frying something, not necessarily yourself. The majority of the circuitry is low voltage (all on some desks) and in-depth troubleshooting almost always requires metering various circuits, some under power. However, if you are asking how to replace a battery, you're not ready for this level of troubleshooting anyways.

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