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Electrelet Mic powering


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Does anybody know where I can source a little device to power an electrelet mic on a headset?


I have some nice l/w headsets I would like to use on some intercom panels and beltpacks but the units in question do not supply any volts for the mic capsule.

Ideally I am wold like to buy something off the shelf that could plug into a XLR 4or 5 pin on the panel and then plug the headset in. It has to be small and light.


Maybe someone has designed a little gizmo to fit in an XLR already.


Any pointer & ideas much appreciated.


Thank you all.



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Hi Bruce


have you poked around the Canford website? They have a number of different solutions including the Radio Design Labs modules (the ST-MPA2) for phantom powering and some in-line 'bodge plug' devices.


Are the mics phantom powered ie they sort out their own power from the two balanced audio lines or do they have a seperate power lead?


Brian (ex-molinare)

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Hi Brian

Is that ex Molinare Maintenance.


I just need something to provide the bias for a electrelet capsule. As somebody wears the headset (which is plugged into a beltpack with an XLR4M) it needs to be small and battery powered. Can it be done in a modifed XLR plug? Has anyone ever done it orseen someone who has?

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