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I am looking into being able to add titles to a live broadcast in the close future on the cheap!


We have available a vision mixer (2ch+ext cam) and 2 pc's. The video feed will be supplied into one ch of the mixer and the pc the other (for running stills).


Should it be possible to run for example a powerpoint presentation (or similar) on the PC with a while or black background and then set the mixer to 50% fade between the two and the titles appear on the video output?


Any suggestions or comments will be greatly apprecieted!


Many Thanks


nick baker

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Does your mixer have a key facility which would allow you to use powerpoint titles as an input and remove the slide background colour - in a similar fashion to bluescreen filming?

Setting the ,mixer to 50% fade will work - but of course neither image will be particularly good.

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Okay, so your vision mixer (I'm assuming it's a panasonic, that's what I'm referring to) has an external camera (AKA "Key") input. Connect the PC (or title source) to the ext. cam input and make sure the output is black&white only. You may need to experiment with which way round the colours go (black back, white text or vice versa.)

You should be able to set the key on, and by chaning the 'colour' or 'back colour' on the mixer you can change the colour of the key. This should work, and I've used it quite succesfully for keying a logo over a peice of video.

If this doesn't quite work, or if you have a different mixer, please reply and maybe another solution can be found :stagecrew:

Also, the 50% fade trick could work, but not brilliantly. Try it and see :P

Hope this helps some


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What type of vision mixer do you have?


As mikeR says some of the small mixers arround have a couple of key functions on them


I've had almost acceptable results with the luminence key on the panasonic mixers. Just build you slides on the PC with a full black background.


Given that you are probably working in the Pal domain I wouldn't recomend using a chroma key - I've never found it to work at all well (on small simple frame store pal mixers.... )



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