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Clay Paky MiniScan HPE Parts.. Lense needed!


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Afternoon all, I did post up here a while ago but can't find the topic now..


So, I am coming to you to ask if anyone has any Clay Paky Miniscans, 300s, HPEs or whichever units you may have for parts/spares etc. I'm looking for the Semi-Spherical lens thats closest to the lamp in the HPE units. One of mine smashed for some reason so I'm looking for a replacement ASAP.


I know I can get them new still, just thought it'd be better to buy used parts if they're laying about in spare units...


So, let me know as I have cash waiting!


Thanks guys,


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still got them then, I was expecting pictures from you some time ago. Pity you could not inform me of your intentions.


anyhow, as per the subject, the condenser lens in these units is prone to cracking / shattering due to the high thermal cycle, and therefore thermal stress placed upon it.

for that reason, I find it extremely unlikely that you will find any second hand spares for this lens.


The lens itself is not a particularly expensive part, and is available from Pulsar who usually hold it in stock in the UK. I suggest you contact them for pricing.

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