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Robe XT 250 Moving head pan issue!

James Maxn

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Hi All, I have a Robe xt250 on the bench off a friend for repair.


The problem is that it starts its calibration process ok but when it reaches the last turn on the PAN it's as if it's not found the sensor and hits it's stop and starts to shake it's self to bits. I have loads of experience working on martin gear, and encountered the same problem with macs and been an easy fix.

This has got me!! I have changed the magnetic sensors around, replaced the with new ones, and checked the wiring.

I'm beginning to think it may be a main board fault. I will see if I can get the working robe head of my friend to compare.


Any Thoughts??



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IIRC the metal disc that is used for the pan sensor 'slips' on the main shaft to enable it to run end to end over a 540 degree range without actually travelling that distance (if that makes sense). If the unit has been thumped the yoke can go out of alignment and the disc will not slip properly. This causes what you are seeing.


How do I know? Same fault on one of mine a couple of years ago. The repair was to realign the yoke vertically wrt the main body with a judicious bit of force.

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Sorted!!!! Thanks for the suggestion above!


It turned out to be the plug that went onto the opto sensor that reads the calibration wheel. Someone has been messing around with the connector for some reason, some of the pins inside the plug were not making contact. Soldered the wires direct onto the sensor pcb and its all good!!!


Got there in the end!! :unsure:

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