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I am looking to hire/buy the following props for a production of 'Pygmalion', tour scheduled for May/June 2005. The show will be set in 1914, so the appearance of all props must pre-date. Two of the three venues are open-air, so all props have to be suitable.


1. Leather wing-back chair, preferably dark green or dark red. Reasonably worn.

2. Cylinder phonograph with horn, and spare cylinders. A static replica would be suitable, although a working replica would be better where the cylinder revolves and the actor can change the cylinder and place the needle onto the cylinder. A speaker placed inside the cabinet would probably be asking too much?

3. Two identical street lamps (practical), self-standing, 3-4 metres assembled, but must break down to no more than 2 metres for transport.


If you have anything which you think might be suitable, or if you need any more information, please pm me.





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