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NEC Projector RS232 Control


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Hi all, just a quick request.


I'm programming a control panel to operate a NEC NP-2000 projector. I have downloaded the RS232 command list but only 2 of the 3 functions I need are working correctly. I cant find the correct function to freeze the screen, which is an option on the remote. There is a command listed as freeze but the only effect this seems to have is once I send the signal the projector wont respond to any other serial command for about 30 seconds.


Has anyone got the correct command to freeze the screen on this model? or can you see anything on the control list that I'm missing.


Cheers. http://www.nec-display-solutions.co.uk/p/d...-NPVista_en.txt

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If NEC offer a serial control program, the quickest rout might be to connect a serial sniffing software to the port, and look at the stream that the software is putting out, allowing you to use these strings. It might also be worth looking at connecting the projector serial to a pC and doing the same- the responses that it might give to your serial commands may let you work out where the issue is.
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