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mac 500 gobos


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heh, I know this has been probably asked around a lot, but I need to know where I can get produced 6 (metal?) gobos for some mac 500s. we need our logo to be projected and its a very simple design and just needs to be a basic cutout in metal or whatever it needs to be to fit the macs (no dihoric colours or anything needed). can someone please give me the details of a company that we may be able to order from. we won't need them till after christmas, and turnaround time isn't important as we can order well in advance. thanks
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for a mac 500 you need a gobo with a maximum outside diameter of 27.9mm and and the maximum image diameter is 23mm- I forget what letter this is (e??)


As for things like roatating that has nothing to do with the gobo type/ choice, its to do with the fixture. The mac 500 can produce this effect



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Just call DHA and tell them what light you need it for and send the artwork over (JPEG etc) they have templates on file for all lights.

Projected image and PRG Greenford also cut gobos for all lights, but on Glass, which makes no difference you just to to be more careful not to break them and remember silver side towards to lamp.


Also useful to know if you get a VL6c rotator gobo and pop the glass from the holder it fits Mac 250's and get a VL7 rotator, pop the glass it fits Mac 500.


If in the future you need colour gobos I think projected image maybe the only ones.

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A mac 500 draws 4 amps or 3 amps if they are the electronic ballast version.




Mac 500 on a single phase 32amp - Can run 8

Mac 500E on a single phase 32amp - Can run 10


Mac 500 on a three phase 32amp - Can run 24

Mac 500E on a three phase 32amp - Can run 30


These are of course playing it safe, you could probably push it a little.

The lamp requires just 2.5 amps of the 4 amps total pull.


Always a good idea to clamp metre the neutral if at all possible as this can run quite high with Arc lamps resulting in many a melted Ceeform.

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