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Marquee Hire - long term


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Chris, thanks for the welcome ;)- to be fair we used to specialise in weddings and didn't do much long-term hire work (if you think my pricing idea was excessive that might be why!). I guess the time of year should be a big factor in your pricing.


If someone comes to you wanting a long term hire 1st May to 1st October then you've got a problem. Chances are you'll be fully booked for some peak summer weekends so you'd have to buy a new marquee just for the long term hire, on that basis I'd want to cover the purchase price (or very close to).


If someone comes to you wanting a long term hire during the winter when chances are you've got at least one marquee sat there doing nothing so you can do a better price for them.


If coconut matting is involved in the long term hire then always incorporate regular site visits in to your pricing. Matting is a natural fibre so it expands and contracts with moisture, generally it will look tight in the afternoons/evenings but slack and wavy first thing in the morning. It will need re-stretching every week or so.

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