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Mystery gel frames - 132mm


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Bit of a mystery for you.


Just been sorting through a box of old bits and bobs and came across several gel frames which are square with a side length of 132mm.


They don't fit any of the lanterns I have and all of the usual sources of info (Blue Room wiki, LX Store, Google, etc.) have come up blank. Anybody know what on earth these things fit?

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Thanks for the replies.


I'm guessing they're not going to be much use to anybody then. Can't be many 45's still in use these days.



Hi Karl,not so, if you dont want them I would be happy to take them off your hands,as we have 5 patt 45's in our historical collection,and also some furse sfr,bur alas no colour frames.If you want to get rid please contact me. Roy

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