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Cheap 5-pin XLRs

Tom Baldwin

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Can anybody recommend a better source than (any of):

VDC, Canford, Studiospares, RS, Farnell, Maplin, AC Lighting

for sensibly priced Neutrik black 5 pin panel mount XLRs (male and female) - ideally DL series, but not essential. I suppose black isn't essential either, but it is more rock & roll :)


Best price I've got so far (out of the above) is from VDC, at £6.57 for female and £4.64 for male.


Quantity is a (small) handful, so quantity breaks don't really help me.





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cpc 5 pin panel plug CN0030866 £3.80 single price

5 pin panel skt CN0031166 £6.06


they're neutriks


if cheap has to be very cheap - they do the cliff plastic ones at just over and just under a quid - although they're pcb pins, not buckets.


odd, the price difference as they are a farnell company.


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Have you got a VDC account - if so they'll do you end of line prices even if you're only buying one or two.


Didn't know that. Will have to look into getting an account set up, then!


I'm thinking of going for the Neutrik B series connectors instead, and just living with the fact they don't have solder buckets. Rear mounting isn't a problem in this application, so they should be fine - or I could save more money, and get the A series ones - can't seem much difference when you get to 5 pin (both are nearly all plastic, compared with the 3 pin ones, where the B series seems to have significantly more metal). It's not for a pro install, so won't take the same regular abuse that would mandate DL connectors.


Cheers for the useful advice,



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