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Unusual Scaff Clamps Required


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At a local school they have replaced the old lighting posts in their outdoor theatre space with replica Victorian lamposts. The solution they put in place to rig lanterns from is completely inadequate so I am trying to find if there are any scaff clamps that can secure a 48mm barrel at right angles to the vertical lampost. The lamposts are 75mm diameter. I could ask a local metalwork company to design and make some but an off-the-shelf solution would be much easier. Any ideas of company that make these would be appreciated.

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As Simon says,

The Titan QTrigger clamps from doughty look like your best off the shelf option, although only rated to 100kg and they would require an M12 bolt hole attachment to the scaff tube. Couple this with fact that this would be a single point attachment the pipe being attached could spin easily.

The better option would be to use two trigger clamps to mount a piece of scaff tube vertically up the lamp post and then couple the 90deg T piece using a standard 90deg coupler, also available from doughty.


Getting side loading certification for these is also going to be a problem as most hooks and couplers are designed for use in a vertical plane.

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