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TraceLighting, LimeLIGHT

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Hardware: Any windows PC - DX2 for output

A powerfully, full-featured software based lighting desk.


Product page: http://www.tracelighting.com/limelight.php

Manufacturer's website: http://www.tracelighting.com


Announcement supplied by: Modge

Software release: 0.1.3840

Release date: 08/07/2010


Link: http://www.tracelighting.com/downloads/



  • Fixes with regards the embedding of cue lists into cue-lists (including a cuelist in a cue in a cuelist)
  • Fixed out of memory error.
  • Fixed a couple of bugs in the fixture manager.
  • Fixed bugs with regards over-writing states.
  • Tweaked the user interface, in-line with feedback we've received.

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