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Mixer Line in distorted


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Hi guys, I'm having this problem for a while, so I thought it would be best to ask professionals.


I got two mixers, Yamaha MG82C and 166C. When I plug my computer into the mixer LINE input (not XLR - trough that one it works properly) I get a distorted sound, like killing everything mid - low so I don't get singing in songs. But, if I put it into the stereo jack (L) it works fine, same if I plug it into the insert of a mono LINE input (I know it's not a good idea but I was trying everything to fix this). This problem sometimes (I dont know how) get fixed, but if I move the compressor or gain knob, it comes back again.


Is it some sort of problem with impendance, or am I doing anything wrong?


Thanks, MatXel.

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It looks like you are putting a 3 pole jack from your computer (which has left and right signals) into a balanced line input on the desk.


You need to split the 3 pole jack lead into a left signal mono jack and a right signal mono jack. These can then go into the desk's stereo input or into two mono inputs.


The balanced line input you were using is cancelling whatever signal is common to the tip and ring of the jack plug - mainly teh mateial that is panned to centre (like vocals etc.).



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