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South East UK stockist of Showtec Indigo 4500 ??


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I am researching a purchase of some moving head fixtures to add to our church and am considering the Showtec Indigo 4500 (is this the same as the Chauvet Q-Spot 260-LED ??).


As I haven't seen these up close and personal I would like to try and find a stockist in the South East (I'm in Maidstone) where I can go and see the lights in action.

Can anyone point me in the direction of anyone that has them in stock, please?


Many thanks,



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may I ask something? Why do you want moving heads in the church ?

More than happy for you to ask away!


To set a little context, our church building used to be a derelict secondary school and was refurbished 7 or so years ago by the church. We now meet in what was the school hall, and use the old stage.


We quite often "theme" our services and extend that to include stage design, props, lighting etc. As an example, our last series "Crazy from the Heat" included 5' rocks, and even water on cue flowing from within one of the rocks.


We also have concerts and events which obviously step up the technical requirements.

Our thinking behind some moving heads is two-fold really. Flexibilty - all the tech team have full time jobs outside of the church, families etc, so time to spend rigging, plotting, programming lighting is somewhat limited.

Secondly, for complimenting our existing rig, and bringing ability to change the looks more noticably than we currently can.


If you have more questions, fire away!





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