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Video through mic cable?

Techy John

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I need to link a DVD player to a projector over a distance of about 30 metres.


Can I use the composite output from the player and use a phono-to-XLR on each end of a piece of XLR mic cable to send the signal ro the composite input of the projector?


In terms of picture quality, this is not a major factor as I am actually having to downgrade the quality of the video anyway to make it look like a 1940's soviet propagada showreel!!


It is just that I have heaps of mic cable hanging around and nothing that is specifically video orientated. I figure that the sheilding of the mic cable would be a good thing?

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It will work until you NEED it to work! Every adaptor will have losses and the "wrong" cable may not suit the signal. Sadly 50m of the correct RG(59??) cable with the correct connectors soldered properly will give you a reliable setup. While the video may need to show the correct era and style it is required to do that reliably and repeatedly, so a 100% reliable system is necessary.
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