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Projector Prism


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Hi All


Long time reader, occasional poster.


I know what most answers will be but believe me, I wouldn't be considering this unless I had too.


To cut a long story short, one of my nice customers has dropped a projector (when cold and not too hard), everything still works and I've had it powered up all day to test it properly, the only issue is that the prism has fallen off it's mounting and is now loose, causing 2 edges of the picture to blur out.


I have stripped the unit down, I thought the prism mounting must have unclipped or broken, but it turns out that it was glued.


My question is what can I use to re attach this? The prism its self should be glued to a plastic lug, there doesn't seem to be any residue on the prism or the plastic lug, which makes me think that it is similar to rear view mirror glue. I don't just want to apply super glue and watch it melt the prism, without first taking advice.


I would prefer not to hear the mad comments, I wouldn’t consider this unless it was the only option.


Thanks in advance.



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