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Sennheiser IEM fails


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Hi all,


What a night for technical failure.....


First two of the 4 monitors fail, all the top end gone on them but still work, then the vocalists Sennheiser IEM fails and then we give up on his Shure radio mic which just will not give the tone we normally get. The the bass player had to reset his radio transmitter to a differenc channel.


All sounds conspiratorial, however I really think just down to the way some of the kit lamentably gets looked after.


So, anyhow the monitors are being taken apart, but what about the IEM. the fault shows first as a low batter reading on the display, but then the rf indicator flashes and one gets a cyclical white noise ish sound (like a fart in truth!!!) that fades as the RF light fades and it all goes dead. Take the battery out and do it again, whole thing repeats itself.


Have checked the batteries and sure its not those.


So took it apart, carefully. Nothing obvious, no components broken off the pcb or obvious breaks or burn marks etc........


So is there a good service agent, is it that likely to require new PCB's that might as well buy a new one anyway etc etc?


Wonder if you guys could direct me?





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I personally see nothing wrong at all in conctacting a service engineer, explaining them the problem and see if you can send it to them for a free estimate of repair etc.


they will have far more idea of what is wrong and can give you a solid cost for repair so you can work from there.

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Sennheiser UK offers 'fixed cost' repairs for most Sennheiser radio products that are vastly cheaper than the new cost of the item and usually much cheaper than buying secondhand- give them a call to find out pricing for your unit. The last time we needed one repairing it was £65 ex. VAT for repairing an EM100 or SK100 transmitter/receiver. If you have the usual Sennheiser EW300 IEM set you'll really really want to send it in for repairs as this will be much more economical than buying any replacement.
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