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speakers in SERIES??


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Ok trying to wrap my head around a problem I´ve been asked about..


Know a tech who owns some kit, he has 4 speakers that are 1000W 8 ohm, and 4 speakers that are 1000W 4Ohm..


Now hes renting them out for a few mobile discos over the summer and has told me that the 4ohm kit sounded distorted and saturated where the 8 ohm kit didnt..


Of the amps he has he is running 2 1000w speakers per channel with speakon in the normal paralel..


now what hes asked me is if making a converter to change the speakon system into series would help alot, so that the 4ohm speakers dont end up being a total of 2 ohms, but 8...



my brain isnt getting round what the final outcome would be....



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such an arrangement would present the amp with a load its obviously happier with, but the problem could be solved as simply as reducing levels to a point where the amp is not hitting its limits.


a better solution might involve just using 2 of the 4 ohm speakers with this amp, or purchasing another amp that is happy with 2 ohm loads to run all 4 4 ohm speakers, or to run the second pair of 4 ohm speakers on their own


in other words, there are several ways to solve this issue, but I would start by simply checking the gain structure and ensure that everything is running within its limits.

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seems totaly sensible..


Its one of those problems where I cant get my hands on the kit as its over a 2 hour drive away and I´m doing this over the phone...

also its for DJ´s.... the "more is best" bunch..

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Parallel 8 ohm speakers will be 4 ohms which the amp may find OK,

Parallel 4 ohm speakers will be 2 ohms that the amp may well NOT be good for. This may well cause crossover and tweeter failure as the distortion due to overload adds harmonic distortion.


Run parallel 8 ohm speakers, but only run one 4 ohm cab from each output take the spare 4 ohm cabs away.

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The only kit you need is (per amp channel) a wee box and three connectors to mount in the box (hopefully his speakers use Speakon), and a few bits of wire.


Cable goes from amp to connector 1 (input).


Inside the box:


Connector 1+ is wired to connector 2+ (output A)


Connector 1- is wired to connector 3- (output B)


Connector 2- is wired to connector 3+

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