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Behringer DEQ1024


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Hi all,


Probably a pretty 'nooby' question...

But here goes anyway!


On the Behringer DEQ1024 (please dont cringe) there is a knob that has 3 settings as follows: Mono - Stereo - Wide.


I'm well aware of the meaning of Mono and Stereo but what, in tech terms, is Wide operation?


And also what would equate for best sound in a mobile disco?


Thanks in advance,


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Don't know why a DJ would want one of these in the first place. Source quality varies so much that instant variable EQ is necessary, but if playing with ones own kit then stereo or mono is a matter of personal choice.

If plugging into a pub/club system then I always used mono as a default position. Been caught out by left channel in one part of the venue and right in another once too often. Once was enough!

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The label is the clue here - "stereo image". Turn it left to mono, and you get mono output (same from both speakers). In the middle, you get normal stereo. To the right, (wide) it widens the stereo image, so sounds that were only panned a little to the left/right sound further out to the sides.

Personally, I'd leave it in the middle. But have a listen anyway - you should easily hear what it's doing.

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Thanks for the input


To answer your question 'kerry davies' im not using it as an eq as such but am using it for its inbuilt limiter and Feedback Destroyer


Somewhere between Stereo and Wide seems to give the best results...


As I am just using it as a limiter primarily, im looking to get rid of the DEQ1024 and get a limiter.


Looking at: Formula sound AVC2 and Formula Sound CX4 Guardian MK2


Im on a budget (aren't we all) so preferably the CX4 but is it a good limiter, I.e, does it cut the volume as soon as you peak it.

Basically will the CX4 protect my drivers??


Thanks Guys!

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