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Retro gear - outrageous prices!


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Either we are all wrong or there are some really silly people with too much money out there:

Patt 123 on Ebay


Agreed, up to a point, but that particular fixture does look stunning! It's been polished to a mirror finish and lacquered, and the stand (which is really nice) has been chromed (There seems to be a foot pedal on the stand, anyone know what this does? It's not obvious from the picture).


An old 123 or 23 straight out of the storeroom is not going to be worth a fortune, but given this treatment it appeals to a different market. I wonder what it would cost to get it in this condition.


Also I think a the stand is an important part of the deal. I have several old floor stands knocking about, but nothing like the one in that auction.


Yes, there is money to be made, but also a fair amount of work to put in to transform a workaday fixture into a piece of "furniture".


Something to think about when work gets quiet!

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Easy enough to convert back to a P28 base fitting,

If you are happy enough to pay that amount of money for a retro light,

you wouldnt worry about paying a little extra to re convert back to original.

But from what I hear these types of lights are popular with cashed up yuppies,

you know those people who will pay almost anything to get the jump on the jones next door

And it would most likely be used in a domestic setting, so a compact floro is probably

perfect for that type of setting, IE back yard bbq.


aww, theyve wrecked it though, look at the questions, looks like its been converted to household lamps. :)
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It's not just our industry at it either!



That said, these are absolute works of art, and I know slightly off topic, but some of the stuff on this website is gorgeous!


Look at the fish tank under "miscellaneous".


Unfortunately, I'll never ever afford anything on there!!!

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