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Hi Luke.


If you go to this link http://www.castgroupinc.com/downloads/WYSIWYG/Wyg110w.exe you'll be able to download the latest Demo version of WYSIWYG. Not downloaded any of the relatively recent demo's but I presume the normal restraints of not being able to save, print or render images larger than 100x100 will apply, but what I rememeber it doesn't have a 30 day limit kind of limitation.


I'm sure if there is anything else to add someone will come along and do so later.




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Wysiwyg Educational Editions

Prices are as follows:


Wyg Educational Report £75.00 (UK List)

Wyg Educational Design £390.00 (Uk List)


Have a look at AC Lightings website: www.aclighting.com


Just a note to everyone if you require a demo CD don't email CAST with the request email either ETC Europe or your local Dealer, it will be much quicker in the long run.


Secondly if you down load the demo generally speaking it will not come with all of the texture packs, you will have to download these seperately. Cd is the better option.




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