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ELC dmXLAN Node 4


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Hi all,


Being a noise boy by trade I need a little help with this one if anyone can help.


Ive currently got a ELC node 4 on loan while our node 8 is getting repaired. So everyone is aware im running the latest version of the XLAN software (V.3.3.1) and have just installed the latest version of Firmware on the Node 4 (V.1.7).


I have connected the unit direct to my Pc and it connects fine. When inputs and outputs are set to single in the mode choice I can quite happily control lights from the pearl running through it. I just have one input (desk) to one output (dimmers). THis is all well and good but the problem arises when I try and set a softpatch.


When I set the output mode to softpatch it disables the input....not sure why??. I can then quite easily set the patch that I want. I then reactivate the input the that was disabled and then store the settings. While the unit is verifying these changes it comes up with an error saying: 'reprogram network node 1 7 4 (cannot verify) could be due to firmare.' (wording not exact as im away from unit and only thought about posting when I got home.....its close though :-))


I have tried everying to solve this problem and am still puzzeled by it. Like I say the universes work fine on it, DMX runs fine on it etc etc. Its only with the sofpatch I start to have issues.


I hope someone can help.


Many thanks in advanced,



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Can you upload a copy of the ELC config file, as it may just take a members glance to deduce the issues.


It has been a while since I have had to re-program our ELC nodes, and I have never run a softpatch (although I have almost all of our outputs set up with specific merges). It may be that the node4 does not like softpatches (I know it is limited to a 2->1 merge, which may indicate either a really basic firmware, or a lack of processing power).

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