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Hog2 in Glasgow.

Chris Adam

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Rare that I suggest these guys.. but I've found recently that Stage Electrics are good for these 'need kit in X location' type questions. And before you say it.. I know pretty much any hire company will supply kit to any location but usually for a price.


But with regards to Stage, yes they might not have any in a particular region, but so long as its not same day, these days, they're usually happy to ship whatever you need to wherever you need for free. Couple that with an average of 20/30% discount to anyone mildly trade related (lost count how many people I know who have an automatic 30% discount with them..) and they become a mildly attractive solution when your in the sh!t.


Just thought I'd post this for future reference, as I'm betting the OP's sorted this by now.



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I'm sure the OP has got hold of one... but if not I was talking to someone last week with a Hog 500 (same OS as the Hog 2, but smaller than my Hog 1000) and I know of someone with a Hog IPC... which can run either Hog 2 or Hog 3 OS I believe...
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