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Turbosound THL 2


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They're a nice box. Quite well built, sturdy, bout sitting height. Make a good footrest on their sides.


As for use as a speaker, they make noise, but I wouldn't rate them too highly. Obviously they're a good step up from cheap 12"+horn boxes, but amongst their kin of larger scale proper speakers they're not great.


They have a tendency to squawk and I've never been able to get great vocal clarity out of them


*disclaimer - my experience is based on a particular pair of THL2s that have likely been well abused during their lifetime*

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Never really rated the hilight stuff, it just seemed like a bit of a pointless range of boxes that never really did anything special. They were very expensive, and they didn't really do anything that the other boxes didn't. Infact often they did less. The 2x18 subs I used to have 8 of, and well to be perfectly honest, now using TSW718 and TSW218, there is no comparison.


If you want a turbo top that isn't at aspect wide price point, and isn't as old as flood light, I'd for for the TQ440/445. They're smaller and the sound quality improvement is difficult to describe.

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