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Flickering Exit Sign

Ashley R

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Hey Guys


Just wondering how would I create this effect?


I need to create a Exit Sign that flickers and can sometimes go to full output on command and what type of lamp to use in it?


and it has to be on a almost non existent budget.


I already own the exit sign caseing but the guts dosent work.


Thanks for your help



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Simple - retrofit the guts of the sign with a tungsten tubular lamp (d0mestic type) and run a flicker chase from your desk. OK, it won't give quite the same effect as a flickering fluoro tube, but how much of an issue that is will be up to you.
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What is the light source ? Most use a small flourescent tube.


This can often be made to flicker by useing a worn out tube, though it depends a bit on the type of lamp, type of ballast, and type of starter.


Another approach is to use a small mains voltage incandescent lamp, in series with a starter intended for a flourescent lamp. A little experiment with different wattage lamps and different starters is required. The starter must be the traditional, and very cheap sort known as a glow starter, the modern electronic ones wont work.

For continous full light, simply provide another incandescent or flourescent lamp on a seperate circuit, and turned on when required.


The wireing is very simple, but since it involves mains voltage, proper care should be taken, and advice sought if in doubt.

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