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looking for guillotine


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Hi folks,

I am looking to find a real working guillotine in London for some collegues of mine to have a look at to see how it works ect, if you know ware I can find one or a helpfull suggestion to ware one might be (appart from the obvious dungeons ect) it would greatly appriciated.




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Try Rymans. ...oh, not that sort of guillotine? in that case the rival chamber of horrors event (I think it's called the London Tombs or the London Catacomb, something like that) on Tooley St SE1 often used to have a guillotine set up on the street outside their premises in a (forlorn?) attempt to divert customers from the original London Dungeons queue on the other side of the road. At London Bridge station, follow the signs for the Tooley St exit, and they will be pretty much straight opposite on the other side of the road.
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If I was looking, I'd probably start by giving the Tower of London a ring...


Tel: 0844 482 7777 (from the UK)

Tel: +44 (0)20 3166 6000 (from outside the UK)


If I were you, I'd save on the premium call and try the international number :)


This is only their General Enquiries number by the way.

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