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Priscilla Queen Of The Desert


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Not sure, Seano, you can now buy Priscilla cupcakes.


The film was superb and we used to do Priscilla-themed club nights and interactive screenings at festivals in the Groovy Movie solar cinema. Never bothered with accurate footwear; mad bell-bottoms, sequins, hoops around the hems...no need for accuracy just lots of whackiness.


The stage show looks like it is a parody of the film which itself was an ironic take on macho Ozzie culture, don't understand post-post-modernist irony meself!

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From the OP "The shoes the guys are standing on" makes me think they maybe mean the large prop shoe ( shown at http://www.aussietheatre.com.au/archive/priscilla44.jpg ) used in the performance rather than the footwear itself but I didn't see what was used on the Paul O'Grady show..


Of course I may have gotten the wrong end of the stick.

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