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Chases on a Pearl Tiger....


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Hi, a quick question, sorry


I'm using a Avolites Pearl Tiger for a small show (return to the forbidden planet) soon, and I'll be using 6 Mac 250 Entours. I've worked out how to make chases, but cannot seem to alter the speed of the chase.


When we had a technician come into school last year, he made a chase and then programmed it onto a playback/submaster but then was able to control the speed of the chase with the same fader (ie at 100 was very fast and at 10 was very slow), like you would when programming a shape onto a playback (on mode 2).


Any ideas how to program it so that the speed of the chase is controlled off the fader? (by the way, I've been looking on the Pearl Simulator and there is no obvious way of doing this - unless I'm just being blind as normal ;) ) Cheers!! :D

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Connect to chase to control speed/xfade with wheels.


The only way to control speed by fader is by using shapes.


thanks! Sorry I found that out about 30mins after posting it on the pearl simulator and it turned out it was just me being blind! Thanks!!

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