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Hi all,


We are touring a show from Australia into UK and possibly Europe in July and August this year. We will be bringing some gear with us ie RADIO TRANSMITTER PACKS (for guitars) and IEM.


What are the current un licensed frequencies that are being used and are legal in UK and Europe at the moment... I know these might change in the future, but am only concerned with the currebnt situation that we will encounter in July/August of this year.



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Moderation: A number of members posts have been removed here. I'll attempt to explain why. The UK situation is in flux at the moment, and while the basics of what is happening are now available from JFMG (as are the licenses) this topic got wrecked to a degree by a post containing faulty information, which we've removed. However, subsequent posters tried to put the record straight, and then the faulty post got mentioned again, with the result that so much correct and incorrect information was present, I couldn't edit it leaving any sense! If any of the members would care to add their correct information again, I'm sure the OP will be grateful. Radio microphone frequencies are a very specific thing here in the UK, so license free, shared and various channel numbers often quoted do tend to confuse - as does the difference between channel width and the number of channels you can squeeze in! More info here JFMG
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Thanks for that Paul, far neater than having to correct the misinformation that was left to begin with (I also made I tiny mistake in my reply, so let's try and get a completely correct reply this time round!!).



As Paul rightly says, radio mics are a touchy subject in the UK at the minute due to major changes in our spectrum, however....


Unlicensed radio mic frequencies are unaffected by the UK changes to licensed radio mics. You may use a radio microphone license free within the UK provided it sits between 863 and 865Mhz (and doesn't stray over - a system sat ON 863Mhz will stray below slightly, and the same for top end of the band - safest to move in from the edges a bit). In practise it's possible to get 4 systems in the available space.




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Continental (geographer's) Europe is a group of 50 countries including HUGE amounts of Russia and it's former satellite states.

The European Union is currently 27 countries in western Europe.


Each country will have different specifications for radio mics (etc (iem)). Some of those countries may be changing their available frequencies, certainly the UK is!


I don't know the frequencies that you use in Australia but it's unlikely that your radio systems will comply with the regs for all the countries of Europe. Add also that the licence free frequencies are so deregulated that in a major town in the UK someone else may be using those frequencies too close to you for good separation.


The sennheiser guide linked above is your first port of call.


Do you care to list the cities that will receive your tour? You MIGHT get specific help.


Plan on a cable option too it may just be essential in some places.

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