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Fried Betapacks


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Hi All.


Due to a phase/neutral cross in a venues outlet, my trusty old Mk1 DMX Betapacks have both had 415V across them :angry:


I haven't pulled the tops off them yet to examine the damage, but can anyone say if the Mk1's had any "failsafe items" that would simply need replacing or, realistically, am I looking at throwing them in the bin?


I have it in my head that the Mk2 Betapacks have failsafe type fuses in them to protect the circuit boards, etc. but to be honest, I don't know much about the Mk1's.


All thoughts and ideas gratefully accepted.

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There's a single fuse between Phase1 and the transformer which feeds the power supply for the control board. It's between the Phase1 connector and the transformer and also acts as the voltage selector so only Fuse 2 should be fitted for 240V. Unfortunately the sync detect circuits for Phase2 & Phase3 don't have fuses, but they use 100k 2W resistors so you might be OK there. If you contact Zero 88 they will be happy to supply you with servicing information.
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