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Robe 250XT Pan Screws


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Ok, I have a Robe Spot 250XT moving head. It was a rental unit up until a few months ago when it is now on an all but fixed rig.


I have in the past had to almost completely strip the thing down to tighten up 4 small screws on the pan unit. This isnt an easy process. Basically everything around there has to come off first, before one can reach these screws. These screws basically hold the head section onto the control base. However, I do have a problem in the fact that they keep working themselves loose, pretty fast (after about 10 shows). So then the panning becomes slightly erratic and shaky, as the head is unstable....so I have to do the whole process again. Strip it down....etc.


Any ideas on how to stop these coming out? and why the head keeps doing this. It never used to until about a year ago.


Should probably mention that no, this head is not flown, but rather on the stage floor. And I cant put a screw spring on it as the screws are too short.


Cheers, Nick

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