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Light Control Desk URGENT HELP


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Tomo - Cheers for that but unfortunately my situation is not quite that simple...

The Powers That Be in my work place have 'disallowed' me any kind of phoning companies/organising maintinance when it comes to the equipment that I use. instead I have to let them know and then it is reviewed at the next monthly meeting then has to wait 3 weeks to organise a visit that might happen within the next month.... I am destined to fail....

You can always phone us for support anyway - I'm sure TPTB wouldn't mind you calling Technical Support for 'console usage hints' or something.

- We aren't only there for when something goes wrong. You can always call just to ask how best to do something with the console.


Anyway, would it be possible for you to email us with what happened while it's still fresh in your mind?: congo (at) etcconnect (dot) com

- You could PM me instead if email feels too 'official'.


If nothing else it will be useful to have a first-hand account of what actually happened for when the problem arrives on my desk through the proper channels.

- I've seen far too many issues go through loads of people before letting us know about it. The fault report often ends up so mangled that I've no idea what the problem actually is/was.


Chinese Whispers may be a fun game, but it's not so great for serious stuff!

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