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basic audio cable guide


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Can you suggest any websites which explain about whether mono or stereo jacks should be used and what you should use when you have a 3.5mm jack on one end and a 6.35mm on the other or XLR on on end and a jack on the other etc.


I've been practicing with a soldering iron, making up my own cables but I'm unsure of when mono and stereo jacks should be used as I can make up a cable in one format and get buzzing in the audio but by swapping the connector there is no buzzing?



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It does get confusing very quickly, as an amateur myself, I know all too well. Fortunately, I like that sort of thing, so pick it up fairly quickly! Just watch out with Jacks and XLR's, especially if they are using them as loudspeaker connections, single send/return plugs, headphones, and all manner of other uses! Don't really want to be connecting the output of a Power amp to the input of a mixer, if/when you grab the wrong cable!
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