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LX711 - dead


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I am new member of this blue room forum, I am sound engineer on my local church in Jakarta, Indonesia, recently we face some problem on our soundcrfat lx7ii 24 channel, there is no power at all (POWER OFF) and I already open the backcase of the mixer and I check on some component in Power supply board (switching regulator type) all passive component are normal, but I dont know about the IC's and FET transistor condition, was there any of you had experienced on this ? is it because of the UC3824AN current mode controller or any other problem?..and I am really appreciate if anybody could share some schematics on this soundcraft lx7ii,

Thanks a lot for your kind help..




Moderation: We split this off into a new topic, as this is how we do things here - you'd posted it to the end of a 2 year old topic about something else. Here, people should see it and hopefully give you some clues. Paul Mods

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Hi Bonie,


Welcome to the Blue Room! All the LX7s I've seen have a normal linear power supply, rather than a switching type. Are you sure yours is definitely switchmode? If it is, then I'd be very careful indeed. They can be lethal to engineers (rectified mains, exposed high voltage), and almost impossible to fault-find on. If you have mains input OK (no blown fuses or anything obvious) and no +- 17V I'd seriously considering just replacing the PSU or building an analogue power supply.


PM me with your email address and I'll send you a copy of the schematic of the PSU I have in mine.



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