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Hire of Showtec sunstrips (the active ones)

Lampy Craig

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'Ello people,


anyone know of any companies (or persons) that have the DMX active sunstrips in their hire stocks?


I used some at a festival in the summer and thought they were awesome bits of kit and want some for a little tour in may. I think Siyan have them but if you know any others around oxford or london your help would be appreciated.



Nice one





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thanks for the help everyone,


I want to buy some myself really as I think there cool bits of kit, but don't know if I'll get to use them enough to warrant the full cost of them.


Most hire companies will charge you 10% of the purchase price per week (unless you have a discount arrangement). IF you'll get more than 10 weeks use out of them then it's probably worth buying them.


Don't forget you'll need somewhere to store them though (as my wife keeps reminding me everytime I buy new kit).

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Hi Craig,


Yes, Siyan do have them in stock. Not bad little units are they!


Give Jez an email (unless you already have a contact there) and I'm sure he'll help you out best he can.



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I'm in Manchester and am coincidentally also looking to hire some for a gig in May. Just to add to the list, Lite Alt have some ( http://lite-alternative.com/ ) up here in the NW and Gradav ( http://www.gradav.co.uk/ ) in North London also appear to stock them.


I must admit that I'm surprised that there isn't a similar fixture out there manufactured by anyone else, but they do give a nice effect...





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