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Controlling Par 56 LED cans


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Hi Guys,


Just looking for recommendations for controlling economy LED Par 56's at an event this weekend. I have 16 economy cans which I am placing behind a DJ as backlight and I am open to suggestions as to how they would be controlled to best effect. We also have a large projection display on the stage.


The rest of the rig is 18x Mac 250 kryptons and equivalent which will be covering a dance floor and I have an Avolites pearl for control. However I am am using the cans as I want to make a feature and to fill the stage and generate patterns of colours etc on the cans which respond to the music.


Am I best off just programming chases into the pearl as usual or would I be better of with a laptop and DMX dongle running something like freestyler which I could use to generate the patterns?


Finally do any of the visualisation software packages also support DMX fixtures? Ie could I use the projection screen for a visualization based on the music and sync the LED cans to it?


Many thanks,



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Personally I would (and indeed do) control everything from the Pearl. Program chases and/or use shape gen. If you're using standard Pearl/Tiger and the fixtures don't have separate dimmer channel then I recommend patching as HTP versions. If you have Expert then you can make use of virtual dimmer in Titan and things are much easier but I coped perfectly well in Classic with over 40 LED Pars in the past.


I would always go down the route of programming and controlling, rather than some sort of sound-to-light. I find the former is always more effective if you have the option.


I'm afraid I don't really understand your question about vis/projection/sync.

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I have experience with MUSIC VISUALIZATIONsoftware from CZECH developer SOH


Even if you have only a few PAR 56 ... it makes great effect ... corresponding with music automatically :)


First program chases, scenes and then its working itself depending on music analyse ... smartest soft I ever seen http://www.blue-room.org.uk/public/style_emoticons/default/cool.gif

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