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Jackets for fluorescent tubes

Lee Brennan

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Just wondering if anyone can help,


I have seen somewhere in a catalogue (but for the life of me I can't rememeber) a type of jacket/sleeve which changes the colour of fluorescent tubes (4ft).


Can anyone help where I maybe able to purchase them from?





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UV Gel Tubes:

The UV tube absorbs 90% of a fluorescent lamps ultraviolet radiation in the wavelength below 390 nanometers. UV tubes are available with or without Apollo Gel.




Available in three sizes, 1 1/2" x 48", 1" x 48" and 1/2" x 48" tubes. Apollo Gel Tubes are available in any Apollo Gel color.




Dealer orders received by noon will ship same day. Orders received after noon will ship the next day.






Keith Kankovsky

Apollo Design Technology

visit us at www.internetapollo.com

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