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Barn Doors


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While checking all of my lights, I found that someone had left the barn doors shut on a cantata f, and turned it on for hours on end. I now have a barn door which has no paint. does anyone know which kind of paint I should use to cover it up??

Cheers in advance



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I use heat resistant matt black spray paint for stuff like that. Works a treat and you get a really good finish from it. Most lighting/stage supplies places should have it in stock.


Hope that helps! :)


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probably wrong but I use hammerite on everything !


dont know how hot it can go but it goes straight over rust and it pretty usefull stuff


ive never seen it coming off anything hot!

my friend has it on his brake calipers on his car!!! to make them red and flashy and they get hot, especially after some intense driving!


- tom

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