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im an lx boy at heart and just wanted some opinions


im looking at buying aloada sound gear in a new buisnuess venture it must be not to pricey, flexible and have lots of power when its put together -


I have been recommended deltec cabinets loaded with eminence pro kappa drivers


so I would be getting 4x 15" bins and 4x 15" and horn cabs


and numark amps which are aparently made by qsc - dunno if that makes sense


basically I want 4 or 5 k that can be split into two without beating the bank !

looking for ideas or advice


is deltec really good ? and are these amps top draw ?


thanks guys


- tom

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At the end of the day any make of speaker is only as good as the drive unit inside and the materials it's made from.


Eminence have a good reputation for making decent drive units. Not the best but by no means the worst. After that it's down to the box. If it's made from decent materials (birch ply) with good quality fittings (metal) you're almost home. Making a box the right size is easy these days, you can buy a bit of software to do it for you.


Don't buy boxes made from chipboard aka particle board. Don't buy boxes with a cheap covering. Don't buy boxes with plastic fittings.


As for the amps...


QSC have a very reputation. It may be true that Numark amps are made in the same factory as QSC but they won't use the same quality of components. And I don't think they are that much cheaper...


A Numark Dimension 4 comes in at £445 (2x660W into 4R) whereas a QSC RMX2450 ("x700W into 4R) comes in at £549.


The one thing I did notice was the Numark is half the weight of the QSC. That's bad. In audio amps with standard power supplies heavy = good. It means a big transformer, lots of heatsink and a strong chassis. If weight is an issue go for the PLX range from QSC with switching power supplies but expect to pay £850 for a similar sized amp.

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ok thanks alot - yeh the deltec cabs are really well built


there about 600 for a pair of bins and about 700 for 15" and horn I think

thats about the kinda money I should be looking at isnt it ?


its £4000 ish to set up a pa with two dimension 4's and 2 pairs of bins and two pairs of tops


I would also be looking at getting some 12" and horn at a later date


I see your point about the amps but I get the numark dimension 4s for about 360 quid I think! so there not too pricey


(theres also lots on ebay)


are you sure they are diffrent weights? we opened up the equivilent qsc amp at work next to the numark dimension 4 and found the interior identical in every way - the badge and casing was about the only diffrence (must admit ive never held both)


are the numark ones perhaps ones which didnt meet qsc standards or are they just cheaper cos numark have bought thousands ?


like I said I dont know too much about sound but was generally impressed with this setttup of deltec with numark


ps. are behringer ok for a simple live sound desk, has anyone had problems with them? because I would be looking for a small live desk also (probably around 12 or 16 channels) and wasnt sure if they were ok to go for


thanks again - tom

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ps. are behringer ok for a simple live sound desk, has anyone had problems with them? because I would be looking for a small live desk also (probably around 12 or 16 channels) and wasnt sure if they were ok to go for




If it's simple live desk your after, they are ok and very cheap in price. Although the faders are very close together, (I think it was designed by someone with very small fingers) which I didn't like. The desk I used had two built in FX units which were standard effects, but are again easy to use.


It's basic, but like in life 'you get what you pay for'.


Even if it's just a temporary desk it's not going to leave a dent in your pocket.



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When I sold up most of my bigger gear a couple of years ago I bought a Behringer. I've got the UB1832FX. NIce desk, built in graphic eq and fx unit. Best bit is I can fit it and all the cables I need for a small gig into a smallish carry case which one person can carry. That means I can fit it, the speakers, the amps and all the other stuff in the back of my car.


Yes the knobs are a bit close and fiddly, I have big hands. If they break you can get bits and fix them.


It might be worth looking at the smaller soundcraft desks or even keeping an eye on ebay for the soundcraft.


I was working off specs on the 'net to compare the QSC and Numark. Looks like a Dim 4 comes in at 14kg and the QSC RMX1850 at 20kg (these 2 have the same power rating). Is this the amp you were comparing it with?

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thanks, I will probably go with a behringer and focus my money on the speakers and amps then


my fingers are pretty thin (much like me infact) so hopefully I should get on with it ok, may check this out in a local dealer first tho - last thing I wanna do is bring up the wrong channel accidentally! cos the sliders are to close together


- tom

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at this point I should look intelligent and say I know but im affraid brian I didnt even look at the code when I got to work they were both open on the work top and looked pretty identical to me, but I was only there a matter of minuites shifting gear, and my boss said they were the same


maybe it wasnt one of the new qsc amps maybe it was last years model or something ?


but yeh the power rating and stuff was the same on both


im mainly going to be doing band work and large disco/club applications aswell as the odd outdoor event,


so assuming the qsc is superior which I imagine it is - will I really notice the diffrence beetween them on this kind of application? were not talking theatrical work and stuff just the above


thanks - tom


ps. am I right in thinking theese amps are 1900w bridged in mono ? (dim4)

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