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Surround sound speaker system in a huge living room!


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basically my cousin has just built his own gaff and wants a compiled surround sound and audio system in one for his open plan living room which is stupidly huge. When I say stupidly huge its 72 metres squared. With a roof pitch at peak at about 6 metres. Were basically trying to find some "sexy" loud speaker type cabinets which are going to look the business and up too the job, so far I have come across http://www.bang-olufsen.com/beolab4000. This is the kind of style he is wanting to go for. Money is no object. the system would be 5.1. 4 surrounding the room, with a central speaker and a sub. What would be the best controller to be able to control all sources such as, dvd player, x box, ps3 & cd player. Any ideas would be cool, feel free to ask for more info.


Thanks In advance.

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If you are gonna do it with pro kit and money isn't an issue how about some d&b c7s, a big stack of d12s to drive them and a denon DN-A7100 to sort out the signal.. or if you want a setup that wont destroy said new house B&W 800Ds, some silly shiny amps and the same controller....


However to get a much more informed answer why not try somewhere like avforums.com

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72 square meters is a good size for a dedicated cinema, but making a multipurpose space is going to prove tricky, we are currently doing a 140 square meters cinema at the moment, it also has a games/party room at one end. Your room is a really good size and should make a fantastic space, but you are best to get some pro-advice. You will need to consider acoustic treatments due to the large room volume caused by the high ceiling, but nothing too drastic and it can be made discrete.


As far as hardware, we use F1 or Genelec in our larger jobs, driven with a ADA Suite 7.1, this is far better than the Denon as suggested by Savage1 as it decodes all the HD sound formats and has 8 HDMI inputs. It is also controllable via IP so integrates nicely with a control system. If you want projection look at the Sim 2 C3X range. Source equipment, Sky HD (Pace box) and Denon Blu-ray/DVD will be fine.


Also consider lighting control, as the space is large and you will probably want different moods for reading, watching TV, watching film, general. LED feature lighting controlled via DMX combined with 6 to 12 channels of dimming should get a decent set-up. Again a control system via RS232 or IP can be used. So when you sit down to watch a film you simply press play and the lights dim, press pause to get a beer and the lights come back up to light the way to the fridge!


We cover most of the UK.




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