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Hey there,

My smartfade ML (school's) is playing up.

When you switch it on, As soon as it loads, it reboots its self, and continusly does this.

I can't controll anything and the only way to stop this is to switch it off at the wall.

We have a show in a weeks time and so any help would be much apreciated.



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Thanks for your help in advance!

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It sounds to me like you haven't got the power lead plugged in all the way. I know this sounds silly, but we had a similar problem at first with ours. Having put the power lead in the back of the board, just give it another little push to make sure it's sitting fully in the socket. Otherwise it'll keep losing power then picking it up again, then losing power etc. which will achieve the result you're seeing. Push that dc power connector in fully and you'll solve the problem.
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