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Shotgun style mic


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Hi Guys, random questions about rifle style mics, Am doing sound for a show with a non existant budget, and they want some general stage coverage, but without hire or PA. I have found these and wondered what people thought, or if anyone has used one.


A Pair would be hung above a stage (Left and right) pointing down to the centre of the stage.. then the input fed into the mixing desk through to the PA.


The link to the mics is http://cpc.farnell.com/_/em-9600/telescopi...ordermicrophone


and the specs are as follows




A dual function, electret condenser camcorder microphone, which can be easily switched from normal to telescopic sensitivity, thereby making distant subjects sound much closer. With uni-directional characteristics, the microphone will eliminate all background noise from the back or side. It is ideal for all recording applications, such as outdoor sports broadcasts or indoor stage recording and is lightweight and portable enough to be left on your camcorder at all times. Includes windscreen, mic grip holder, and 6 metres of microphone cable with 3-pin XLR male to female connectors and PVC carry case <LI>Technical DataTypeSuper Cardioid Electret Condenser SystemUni-directionalImpedance400R (normal)

1.5kR (telescopic) Sensitivity-70dB ÿ3dB@1kHz (normal)

-55dB ÿ3dB@1kHz (telescopic) Frequency Response60Hz-18kHzPick-up PatternSuper Cardioid Sound Pressure Level120dB max. MaterialAluminiumConnector3-pin XLR balancePower1.5V AA batteryWeight130gDimensions (LxDia.)320x22mm

Any advice greatly recieved! Or if anyone can think of an alternative, at the same cost! Cant afford to spend more.

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OK - first point - these are camcorder mics, and as such aren't really suitable for PA pickup.

Secondly, in my experience (whilst not predominantly a noise boy, but have worked shows with rifles/shotguns being used) this type of mic is seldom viable for general coverage.

By definition, rifles and shotguns have a limited field of pickup - move a little out of that field and you lose whatever feed you have fairly quickly.


Your best bet, in my opinion, would be to rent some PZM plate mics - eg Crown PCC160 or similar.

Stick some foam under them to reduce footfall transmission from the stage, EQ them well on the desk and you'll have a fairly good pickup overall. However, the caveat, as in ALL such situations, is that the performers MUST be able to sing with acceptable volume first otherwise you'll just be amplifying background noise...

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I've got the old version of these things - with the same basic design. Usually shotgun style mics use an interference type design that has the mic element at one end of a slotted tube, and the interference pattern produced by sounds that originate off the centre axis, tend to cancel out, giving the pickup pattern typically termed lobar. You then give it a bit more gain, to get levels up, and bingo - a shotgun.


These mics, and I'm assuming this version is the same, based on the switch and 'business end' work very differently. There is a cardioid electret element mounted about half way down where the slots stop, then the pcb is extended forward and another is fitted, nearer the end. The switch in cardioid mode - the 'normal' position uses just one of them. This actually sounds quite nice. Switching it to the tele position adds in the other element and the two work with/against each other to create a mic more sensitive on axis - rather like the technique of summing two elements and then talking into just one - as the mics are reverse wired, sounds arriving at both with equal level get cancelled, so speaking into just one give the speach loud and clear, but with hardly any room sound. These are often seen in the lip mics you see commentators using, where there's a little lip bar that keeps the distance. The resulting sound is often a bit thin sounding and needs eq to make it sound 'normal'. These mics are the same. The tele sound is thin and weedy - and to be honest, pretty horrible. I have done a few shows quite a while ago with some of these, and it wasn't remotely as good as the results you'll get with boundary types. Google boundary, PCC, PZM in the box top right, and lots of topics, including some very recent ones will come back.


I've bought some excellent mics from CPC - actually made by this manufacturer, but these are not on the good list - at least on tele - cardioid is great, but thats not really what you want.

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