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Sony Projector.


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Running two projectors for our show this week.

Both are being fed the same signal via a distro amp in the control room.

Main projector gives us a perfect picture on the upstage screen, full colour etc.

Secondary machine is giving us problems as it will only output a black & white signal.


Swapped the DA outputs, no difference, so the DA is working fine.

Run a cable direct from the DA to the projector (cutting out the house distro) - no difference.

Have gone through the menu on the projector checking colour/PAL/other options and can find nothing obvious wrong.

However, the menu options are colour co-ordinated, so there's nothing wrong with the projector itself.


At this stage, after a long day, we gave up for the night.

Didn't think at the time the ladders were up (as I said, long day...) about getting the model number for a Google search but will do that later today.


We have a portable video source which I'm going to try direct at the projector today - if that comes out B/W I can only suspect that there's a fault with the input circuitry maybe....


But in the meantime, anyone have any generic ideas on this one...?

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What format video signal are you sending? Composite, Y-C (S-Video), VGA ?


My initial reaction was "It's an s-video signal and the Chrominance isn't being sent" However, you've tested other cables so this is less likely. If it is s-video it could be a fault on the input circuit. If possible try testing with a different signal format. This might eliminate a problem with one of the input circuits/connectors.

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Sorry - missed that off the original post!


It's fed with a composite signal to the single phono input.


And yes, another option we'll be trying this evening pre-show will be a VGA.


I also missed that the projector was moved on Monday evening from a different position. Where it was until then it worked fine...

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The position it was moved to, is that further away from the source? Shouldn't make a difference really with composite though. Definitely try secondary source at the projector to test input, could be that the PCB on the inputs took a knock when moved.
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It's actually about 6 feet closer, though the temporary cable we fed a test signal down is on a reel, and was a LOT longer. However, I'd expect picture quality to degrade over a significantly longer cable at the same time as colour, and that just isn't the case.
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Are you going into a dedicated composite input or is it a multiformat 5 BNC input? if multiformat make sure that the input is set to composite format, if it is set to Y/C or YUV then you'll get a black and white image.


try one of the other inputs on the projector


If its a single chip DLP projector the colour wheel could be stuck, though that would make the menu B+W too.


Try a factory reset.

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Well, problem solved....

Hands up from me (it was the end of a VERY long day yesterday...) that I'd picked the wrong phono socket - despite 'checking' it...

At the top of the ladders, in dim torchlight, of the three available sockets the one I'd used was where I'd expected it to be - nearest the front of the projector.

However, what I missed (as did the other two pairs of eyes who went up after me to check for just such a daft mistake) was the fact that the black strap securing the DMX shutter box to the underside of the projector had concealed the actual composite socket, so what I'd plugged into was indeed part of a split input circuit. (I'd made the wrong assumption that the other two there were the stereo audio ins....)


But a fresh pair of eyes earlier this evening found that correct composite I/p and voila! We now have colour!


in the words of the yellow cartoon.....


DOH!!! :) B-) :D


Oh well - when you're wrong, you're wrong, eh...!



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I think we've all done that at one time or another! The worst one I've witnessed was a tech in a big london venue who plugged our video feed into the audio input of the projector, he then told me that I wasn't sending a signal, I went and checked that I was whilst a female member of our crew asked him if he might of plugged it into the audio input by mistake. His told her very rudely that of course he hadn't done something so stupid. Except that he had! To cap it all off he vaguely apologised to ME for the mistake but wouldn't say sorry to the girl who'd pointed out the possible error! Bloody sexist pig.

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The daft thing is that this was the FIRST thing that occurred to me, but was dismissed (in my tired brain) as being a null option as we were getting A signal - that it was b/w meant there's no way it could have been in an audio socket.

I hadn't used this projector in a while, and hadn't clocked it was one with multiple video ins, so presented with 3 phonos on the side, subconsciously discounted that option.



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